Oceans, Mountains, Volcanoes, Rain forests and more, Costa Rica is rich in animals, plants and fun!  We design and lead custom tours in this gorgeous country, allowing our guests to see the real wildlife, scenery and sites that we love.   We wold love to have you join us, it's easy!  Just check out our calendar page to see when our next trips are scheduled, or contact us with a custom date if you do not see something that will work for you.  We have a minimum of 5 guests needed for particular dates to ensure the best rates.

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About the Guides

Mark Deering, past President of the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitions, has been working with tropical butterflies and insect ecology for 25 years.  Mark is an expert naturalist and photographer well versed in the Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica.  Mark will be helping to orient all travelers to the  wildlife they are seeing, and why it is important in the larger ecosystem.

Ernesto Rodriguez is the Manager  of El Bosque Nuevo Butterfly Farm and  Reserve.  He has been instrumental in the acquisition of new properties to help EBN expand and reach its’ goal of becoming a reserve of 10,000 Hectares.  Ernesto has the knowledge and drive to help EBN achieve this goal.  He has helped EBN become the ONLY Butterfly Farm in Costa Rica which helps support such an environmentally sustainable project.


We are committed to conserving the habitats of Costa Rica.  Our profits go to build a protected reserve.  WE partner with numerous groups, universities and organizations in Costa Rica to achieve this goal.  Some of our partners include:

The Mcguire Center for Lepidoptera and biodiversity

Freiburg University

MINAE:  The Ministry of Energy and the Environment in Costa Rica

ACG: Areas de Conservation Guanacaste.

El Bosque Nuevo is a conservation based Butterfly Farm and research station in Guanacaste. Our organization is dedicated to the protection of Costa Rican natural wonders, and our profits go towards building a 10,000 hectare reserve.   Visit us on the web

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