Morpho Travel Adventures

Travels that reveal the "Real" Costa Rica

Guanacaste, Costa Rica: 

Butterflies, Parks and Volcanoes

Upcoming dates: October 2-9,  Filling now

Day 1: Upon arrival in Liberia, Costa Rica we will transfer to a local Hotel to relax and get to know one another. Once all travelers have arrived we will gather for a tasty dinner, and spend a relaxing evening at the hotel.

Day 2: An Early departure takes us up the slope of  the Parque National Volcan Tenorio, an area covered in rich and dense rainforest.  Through this park runs the Rio Celeste, a gorgeous blue color caused by an infusion of volcanic aluminum silicate. 

This area is rich with birds and other animals, as well as thousands of insect species. 

Day 3:  Today we will travel to El Bosque Nuevo Butterfly Farm.  We will orient ourselves to the farm and find our quarters, then we can tour the farm. After a typical lunch we will learn what it takes to be a butterfly farmer and see thousands of butterflies being reared.  Later in the afternoon, we relax on the deck and watch the birds, or take short walks into the farm. After dinner we will set up lights for insect observation and perhaps go on a night hike as well.

Day 4: Today we will hike on the farm property, see the new property that butterfly farming has purchased and look for animals and insects on the way.  We will have Lunch at the farm, and dinner will be a picnic on the Volcan Orosi to look for nocturnal wildlife.

Day 5: Today we will travel to the small fishing area of Cuajiniquil to spend some time snorkeling in the Pacific ocean. Snorkeling in this region reveals a rich diversity of fishes, molluscs, crustaceans and the birds along the shore are spectacular. We will visit another beach for dinner, which we will prepare there and enjoy while watching the

sun set.

Day 6: Today we travel to the volcano: Rincon de la Vieja.  We will walk through some  wonderful forest, while viewing active fumaroles, mud pits, boiling hot springs and other volcanic marvels.  Costa Rica is an area with high volcanic activity, and no trip is complete without seeing these wonders of  nature.  The evening’s stay is in a picturesque

hotel nearby, where we will set up lights and see what insects might come in.

Day 7: Today we travel to the slopes of the Volcan Miravailles, a region rich with hot springs and Dry Coastal forest. A beautiful lodge and resort awaits us, with opportunities to relax and be pampered.  True hot rivers await, as well as cultured hot spring fed pools.  Try zip lining, or simply hiking in this very unique habitat.  Evening travel takes us back to Liberia for a farewell dinner and nights rest at a local hotel

Day 8: Today our guests will fly back from Liberia international Airport.  Anytime is fine, we will arrange for travel travel.